About Us

The Company
Netgett Communication GMBH was founded in 2010, was the pioneer of compact and high density parallel optical transceivers and optical fiber accessories (4-channel 10 Gb/s and 12-channel 40 Gb/s) for data storage applications. Netgett currently offers a comprehensive product line of optical transceivers for the optical communication and networking markets. The company is based in the Germany and serves the customers globally.

Following the evolution and standardization of optical transceiver and accessories technology in the industries, we continue to expand the product portfolio over the long time.

Value Proposition

Service and product quality are two key values we offer to our customers. Inquiries for quote, delivery, and technical support are routinely answered in 24 hours or sooner. Our engineering even goes the extra mile to assist the design of prospective customers by discussing pros and cons, and selecting the most appropriate optical transceivers for their specific applications. The typical lead-time for product delivery is next day for stock items and 2-3 weeks for factory orders. The failure return rate of our products is less than 0.01%. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. All products are backed by the unconditional guarantee (i.e., no- hassle replacement) with the standard 1-year warranty. Custom design solutions are also available upon request.

Our Customers

Middle East North America and Europe are three major regions where Netgett actively serves the customers of all sizes, from large multi- billion dollar corporations to small and medium enterprises. The majority of our customers are network equipment manufacturers, communication service operators, security system integrators, and others using optical transceivers for niche applications in the industrial, aerospace, and military markets. Our customers include well- known public companies as well as established businesses in the private sectors.

Optical Transceiver Products

Netgett’s optical transceivers primarily serve the data com and telecom markets, which demand large bandwidth capacity, low interference, and highly reliable and secure optical links in their networks. The data com market is driven by the Ethernet, Fiber Channels, and Infini Band standards for several network applications: datacenter storage networks, local area networks, and computer networks for server farms. The typical telecom markets cover SONET, SDH, and FTTX applications. Netgett also develops optical transceiver modules for high definition video links with DVI and HDMI standards. Netgett’s offering of the data and video optical transceiver products provides the markets with a complete solution for the rising need of bandwidth driven by the popular use of the Internet.



Inside the investigation stage, we try to know the present circumstance of the customer, the desires for the undertaking, the regions in question, those dependable, the present framework, the hardware to be executed and the customer's necessities for usage.


Inside the structure stage is the place we should catch the last engineering of the arrangement, incorporating the customer's necessities with the end goal of meeting the desires and extent of the undertaking.


Inside the execution stage, the establishment of the parts engaged with the extent of the venture is done. This usage is guided by what is built up in the examination and configuration records recently completed.


Inside the adjustment stage, we look to guarantee the usage did in the customer's foundation for its right activity, thinking about the customer's operational insurance.


Inside the documentation stage, last alterations must be made to the specialized memory report with the proof recently gathered in the execution stage.

Netgett has over 10 years of involvement with the advancement of warning administrations for associations. This has permitted us to shape a group with broad information in Networking and Data Center answers for all associations.

The quality, execution and satisfaction of destinations is fundamental for the conveyance of our administrations, so every one of the administrations coordinates different stages that permit us to look for consistence with targets, operational uprightness of the framework and quality as indicated by best acts of the business.


At Netgett we offer guide and customized focus toward our customers. Which is lined up with its targets looking to make sure about, develop and exploit the innovative framework, satisfying the accompanying duties:

Consultative investigation

Structure proposition



Consistence with destinations

One of the principle goals of Netgett is to be a consultant to our customers, so we center around finding the best answer for your business.